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Core Inspiration's Quality Yoga Mats

These quality mats are designed with your health in mind. They are free of toxic phthalates, latex and heavy metals, so when we are up close and personal breathing deep with our mats we are not breathing in these toxins. Also good to keep in mind, our skin is the largest organ in our body and is very permeable, especially while our pores open as we sweat!

Available in 6 colors, Core Inspiration's Mats are longer and thicker than the standard yoga mat. Its length is 74" and has a thickness of 1/4" (about twice as thick as the standard) which is well cushioned to support the bodies joint but still thin enough to provide stability. These PVC mats are non-slip offering traction as you move into those challenging poses.

Soothing Sea, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Lavender, Slate Blue & Pink

Core Inspiration's Mats are $30 +tax. Checks and all major Credit Cards are accepted

Please note: Core Inspiration's Shopping Cart is currently under construction, so please call or email Angela directly and your order will be shipping within one business day. 


Yoga/Pilates Infusion Mat Fitness Class

Core Inspiration also offers Body Fusion Mat Fitness sessions which are a dynamic blend of Yoga, Budokon Yoga and Pilates. Body Fusion combines these beautiful practices to sculpt and tone the body, enhance balance, improve posture and mood, massage internal organs, strengthen the core which in turn will support the back and help correct compensations, improve blood circulation and challenge the participant to work past their boundaries! 

Private Lessons offers one on one attention designed around the individual's level of practice, to focus on excelling through their areas of difficulty and enhancing their strengths.

Private Lessons, Group Lessons and Corporate Group Lessons Available in Palm Beach County Florida

Contact Angela to learn about Yoga Fitness/Massage Treatment Combo's and Packages!









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